The Waller Creek Is For Lovers Action And Adventure Society

How To Join And Contribute To The Waller Creek Is For Lovers Flickr Group Photostream.

Thanks for joining the group, we’re really excited to have you.
Here are a few guidelines that will make sure your fantastic efforts have the greatest impact.

1. Pick your best images. Please be choosy as we really want to make it easy for people to quickly ‘bump’ into those images that truly incapsulate the wonderful adventures we’re having in Waller Creek.

2. Please tag all of your images as ‘wallercreek’. Then choose whether you’re showing ‘food’, ‘activities’ or ‘beasts’ and tag appropriately.

3. Last but not least, make sure you ‘map’ your photographs to the location where they were taken. This makes for an even more powerful visual/experiential example of what’s possible in Waller Creek.

4.Ok, we lied, one more guideline. Make sure you publicize your new contributions by posting a couple to the facebook group page, your own profile or posting the link in your feed on facebook. ‘Tagging’ a few people in your pictures and mentioning the website or facebook group in your description will make your efforts amount to an out of the park home run.

Thanks for your great efforts to help re-imagine Waller Creek and make it a fabulous place for you and the rest of Austin.

And if you have any suggestions about how we might do this more effectively, by all means let us know, we’re all ears.



The Waller Creek Action And Adventure Society.


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