The Waller Creek Is For Lovers Action And Adventure Society

Waller Creek Is For Making And Then Eating Domino Shaped Cookies Even If The Event Gets Cancelled.

Posted in Food Consumed In Waller Creek by Admin on October 12, 2009


I don’t know what you were planning on bringing today but this submission by Kelley makes me think the Waller Creek Is For Lovers Action And Adventure Society might need to get it together and make another trophy. Kelley was quite apologetic about the lack of the requisite two sides to the domino cookies but has promised to fix her grievous error for the rescheduled event. (more…)


Check Out And Add To The Waller Creek Is For Lovers Photostream On Flickr.


More information will be shortly forthcoming on how to contribute to the group twitter feed and how to categorize your photos on the new Waller Creek Is For Lovers flickr group. This is going to be one of the primary ways that you will be able to map and share your fantastic adventures in Waller Creek.

In the meantime, have a look at the group feed:

Waller Creek Is For Brunch? For muffins and empanadas? For lounging pleasantly as turtles float by? For egg salad and orange juice?

Waller Creek is for muffins and tacos and Saturday brunch?

Heck yeah. The Waller Creek Is For Lovers Action And Adventure Society had a fantastic brunch last Saturday just south of 6th Street on Waller Creek.

Have you ever stopped and lingered there? Had a apple turnover and talked with friends? Noticed the turtles floating by in the Creek or the looming fake cliff (on which it seemed a condor or some other ridiculous animal would appear at any moment) or how much cooler and pleasant it is down there as opposed to street level? (more…)