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Oh my goodness: Waller Creek Is For Lots Of People Making An Amazing Cake Of Waller Creek.

Posted in Activities & Adventures In Waller Creek by Admin on November 23, 2009

And Brainstorming And Then Eating The Cake Too.

Oh my goodness. This afternoon was one the most amazing design-build adventures I’ve ever been a part of. Mind you, it was cake and we didn’t get to do any sort of ‘built’ imagining of possibility on the cake itself but:

1.The number of people who participated (over 100)

2.The large number of people (close to 100) who were unwittingly recruited to spread the Waller Creek word (through the brainstorm nametag for cake swap program).

3.The number of people of all ages who worked on the cake at the same time (almost 25), transforming twelve chocolate cakes into a wonderfully tasty and surprisingly beautiful creation.

……..was absolutely outstanding…….and tasty.

A favorite quote by the founder of the Garden Posse (

‘So much cake & fun @publicworkshop Waller Creek topographical cake event. My mind has opened to the wonders of combining activism & baking.’

A more detailed report and incredible images will follow shortly.

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