The Waller Creek Is For Lovers Action And Adventure Society

Waller Creek Is For Making A Giant Topographical Cake Of Waller Creek And Then Eating It.

Posted in Activities & Adventures In Waller Creek by Admin on November 20, 2009

A six foot long Betty Crocker version of Waller Creek? (not the tiny garden pictured here-kid’s stuff).

That’s right, six feet long.

Have we lost our minds? Probably.

An impossible feat? Maybe but we’re going to have a mighty fine time trying.

That’s right ladies and gents, as part of the East Austin Studio Tours, this Sunday the Waller Creek Is For Lovers Action And Adventure Society will be temporarily relocating to the Hope Farmer’s Market where we will be making a much tastier version of Waller Creek. That’s right, we’re going to celebrate Waller Creek by baking it and then eating it.

Why? Because there will be other fantastic events about changing public spaces at the Hope Farmer’s Market on Sunday and believe it or not, the cake will serve as a fantastic brainstorming tool for future possibilities.

Consider yourself handy with butter cream?

Have a few extra jujubees lying around?

Want to help make something ridiculous, tasty and celebratory with fellow some equally awesome folks?

Cake decorating begins promptly at 1.00 pm.

Group cake photo ops, followed by celebration, followed by eating begins at 2.30.

Want to bring some decorating supplies to make the cake even better?

We’d love it. Post what you’re going to bring on the event wall.

p.s. There will also be:

1.Waller Creek banner making and other endeavors for those who are less cake decorating inclined.
2.And an entire host of other events at the Hope Farmer’s Market about making great public spaces and having a good time through groups such as the Public Space Ninja’s, The Yellow Bike Choir, Minor Mishap Marching Band, Samba School, and various street dancers.


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