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Waller Creek Is For Dominoes And Talking Smack Without Rain: This Sunday at 4.00pm.

Posted in Activities & Adventures In Waller Creek by Admin on October 23, 2009


Dominoes and Talking Smack? Changing a place by talking about someone’s mom and playing games? What could be better on a Sunday afternoon at a brand spanking new time (4 pm) in a shiny new (as in we haven’t tried it) domino-themed place?

Dust off your best momma jokes, bone up on your dot counting and practice your throw so you don’t embarrass you and your kin. Thenhead on down to the fantastically strange domino shaped islands right smack dab in the Creek, just north of the Sixth Street bridge over Waller Creek (just east of Sixth and Red River).

This Sunday from 4.00-6.00 pm

What should you bring?

Your Waller Creek Explorer Pack including:

-A dish to share (can you top Kelley’s domino cookies?)
-A chair (you’ll be really sad without one)
-A table if you dare (dare, dare….we really do need them, seriously people– send an email- if you can bring one)
-An extra set of dominoes if you care

And a Waller Creek tall tale to share.

All events come from ideas we dream up while playing in, on, around, and under the Creek. We applaud the unapologetically playful, we approve of the fantastically fantastical and we honor the happily hair-brained. We love it all, bring it!

The Waller Cups await the victorious. And maybe a dash of everlasting glory as well.

See you soon for yet another fabulous adventure.


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