The Waller Creek Is For Lovers Action And Adventure Society

Waller Creek Is For Tiny Beasts And Tiny Adventures…..your checklist for tomorrow.

Posted in Uncategorized by Admin on October 17, 2009

You will find the beginning of your adventure at the Red Swing in Waller Creek at just south of 11th and Waller Creek tomorrow at 11am.


1.Your most fantastic artistic collaborators.
2. A collection of plastic animals or beasts and action figures or Lego explorers.
3. A story, a children’s fable or a tale of an epic adventure that you might be inspired to recreate in Waller Creek.
4. Any other diorama making supplies that you think are appropriate.
5. A camera for documenting your fantastic scene(s).

A snack, a treat if you like- related to your diorama is even better.

Check out some of the earlier tweets for inspiration and possibility imagining.

Until tomorrow.



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