The Waller Creek Is For Lovers Action And Adventure Society

Waller Creek is for Dominoes and Talking Smack!

Posted in Activities & Adventures In Waller Creek by osgoodlynn on October 7, 2009

dominoes_bwDominoes and Talking Smack? What could be better on a Sunday morning?

Head on down to the north end of the UT Tennis Courts on Trinity Street (between the creek and the courts, by the bridge) for fabulous company, and good food.  Get ready to do your best grumpy old man, Oscar Madison impersonation as we throw down the dominoes and dish dirt.

What should I bring? Your Waller Creek Explorer Pack including:

  • A dish to share,
  • A chair,
  • A table if you dare,
  • An extra set of dominoes if you care

And a Waller Creek tall tale to share.

….. All events come from ideas we dream up while playing in, on, around, and under the Creek. We applaud the unapologetically playful, we approve of the fantastically fantastical and we honor the happily hair-brained. We love it all, bring it!

You can also find us on Facebook at:

Let the smack talking begin!

Lynn, a member of The Waller Creek Is For Lovers Action and Adventure Society


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